Writing a cover letter for short story submission

Just wanted to pop in and mention that it was written inand the reference to Lightspeed being closed to submissions is not current.

Writing a cover letter for short story submission

Still chasing my imagination. Assistant Editor Hinnom Magazine. And nearly passed out. Several critique partner reviews confirmed my fears. The novel was an unsalvageable wreck. Sure, the writing was good enough, even great in spots, but the nonsensical plot and bland characters made for a smoldering dumpster fire of a book.

A hot mess I promptly banished to my desk drawer before indulging in copious amounts of alcohol and self-pity. Especially a failed one. I mean real authors write novels, right?

Short stories — meh, not so much. So, it was with tentative fingers that I punched out my first short, then my second, and a third…and was hooked. A year-and-a-half later here are my stats: Stories accepted for publication. One of which was not published as the anthology was subsequently cancelled.

Stories short-listed for publication. Neither were ultimately published. These bits of positive feedback were like cool glasses of water on a scorching hot day. No response, AKA the submissions black hole. Open submissions still out there…somewhere.

Include all rejections outside of honorable mentions and that percentage climbs to I should be pissed, right? Writing short stories will up every aspect of your writing game. How long does it really take to knock out a 4,word piece? A week if you focus?

Three if you really plot it out and go nuts with the prose? Listen, if you only wrote one short story per month, you would have twelve different works in a year. Twelve opportunities to figure out if you write better in first-person, present-tense or first-person past-tense. Get yourself a coach.

Or a writing buddy.General **Please note, we are not currently accepting submissions. Story is interested in fiction and torosgazete.com do not currently have any restrictions on length, form, or style. We just appreciate the opportunity to read your writing.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines. Developing a writing project? 2 poems, 3 pages of a story) are welcome.

There is no fee for Young Writers’ Workshop applicants.

writing a cover letter for short story submission

The first YWW application deadline is February 1, and biographical information in the Cover Letter field. Indicate courses you are applying to in the Workshops field. We pay writers $ for a short story or nonfiction entry, and $40 per poem or postscript story.

so you have to print your piece(s), a short bio, your fabulous cover letter, our submission cover sheet, and mail the whole thing to us at: The New Quarterly c/o St. Jerome’s University we are The NEW Quarterly, but we are not an entry.

best short cover letter short resume cover letter cover letter for post office job cover letter for job collection of short resume cover letter short cover letter for housekeeping. Your Perfect Cover Letter.

writing a cover letter for short story submission

Most literary magazines request a cover letter along with your writing submission. This is just way to introduce your work and introduce yourself.

Here are the basics for how to mail in a manuscript submission:

“I am submitting my short story, 'X', to be considered for publication in your journal.”) I am an English teacher living in the Boston area. My fiction has appeared. If the most important thing about your story is its quirky narrative structure, or if the protagonist is a writer who's writing a short story about the challenges of writing a short story about the challenges of being a writer, then it may not be for us.

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