Teamwork wins championship

Starbucks Team work wins Championship! He beautifully portrays the success of teamwork.

Teamwork wins championship

Analyzing Project Success — talent wins games, teamwork wins championships! It was a journey that started in the fall of — and the team is as intense today as they were 2 years ago. Due to confidentiality reasons — I cannot disclose the client or the exact work we did, but I thought some one would benefit from my experience if I shared a few highlights from the project.

If I manage to get the legal hurdles cleared, I will make a second post to complete the picture. The client brought in an A team from their side — and the Teamwork wins championship was owned by a senior executive from business. Both business and IT leadership reported to her.

Teamwork Makes the Job Easier

Consequently, everything was done with the sole objective of making sure business got what they needed. Even when they disagreed passionatelythey had the maturity and trust in each other to discuss and get to common ground. Teamwork wins championship from the start, we partnered at all levels of the program organization — from developers to sponsors.

We had several hiccups along the way attrition issues, technical issues, relationship issues etc — but since we had strong relationships, there was no difficulty in having honest conversations on what is happeningand how we are going to solve it.

In a large complex program spread over multiple locations — this is critical. Nothing was ever hidden in status reports — full transparency, and joint plans to solve problems, and joint parties to celebrate successes.

Teamwork wins championship

A fantastic example of the partnership that I remember on top of my head was when we were finalizing scope early on. I, and another person brought up a discussion that the number of reports to be developed looked out of whack based on past experience. The leadership team took it seriously, and went back to discuss more on this — and came back with a scope that was about a third of what was originally proposed.

They identified redundancies, and lower priorities and diligently worked through to save the project a lot of unnecessary work.

Teamwork Multiplies Success

My mentors taught me that lesson early in my career, and I try to teach that to the next generation of PMs that come after me. Change requests have a big bad name in project management field, especially with analyst community — and the word on the street is that SIs use it to milk a client dry.

I never had any trouble in this regard — all changes were discussed in detail and agreed on, before we proceeded with any change requests.

That is the beauty of having a solid relationship across all parties involved, and a solid process to govern the project change control. As I look back in time, the one thing that strikes me most is the sheer number of people who learned valuable skills and experience in the project from both client and our side.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. - Michael Jordan - BrainyQuote

Leadership is all about empowering the teamand delegating authority and not just responsibility. While the project had a well defined escalation path, a lot of decisions were successfully taken by people closest to the issue, with appropriate heads up given to management for integration purposes.

Having gone through this experience, I am sure we are all well positioned for success at whatever comes next in our careers.

It gives me a lot of satisfaction that a lot of leadership talent was identified and nurtured through the program. One thing I learned in the course of the last 2 years is that there is no one-size-fits-all way to motivate a big team.

Some get motivated by money, some by getting additional responsibility and visibility, yet others by periodic change of roles within the project and so on. My project leaders and architects are exceptional — they found what made every team member tick, and acted on it, taking my help where needed.

I still remember being fascinated by developers in my team pretty much competing for fun on who will find the most bugs, who will fix the most bugs and so on — over weekends and holidays, on their own time. How awesome is that? I could not be more proud of my gang — they rock. We have our fair share of disagreements — but team work and a common goal of making the project successful, ensures we get over them in the shortest time, and healthiest manner possible.

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Last but not least — there is a lot I am thankful to my support staff, ,my managers and my mentors. A two plus year project of this size meant that I had to ask for help periodically. They not only gave me support and guidance behind the scenes — they also came in person and celebrated our successes.

They cared — and we appreciated that a lot, and it is a lesson we will take with us as we progress in our own careers. It was my first non-SAP project too.

As Michael Jordan said ” Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. I second that – 3 cheers to the team! I second that – 3 cheers to the team! There is more work to be done for remaining phases of the program – but for now,let us Party 🙂. Teamwork Wins The suspense of being down 1 run, with a full count bottom of the 9th, is what America’s favorite past time is all about. This year, like every year, is full of suspense and baseball fans cannot wait to see who ends up playing for the World Series Pennant. National Championship. Coming off such a successful season, members of the table tennis team expressed hope that the National Championship will bring recognition through exposure from the student body and increased funding from the university.

I am an extremely hands on person when it comes to technology — but I had to learn to trust the technology experts on this gig. It was very unpleasant for me at the beginning, since I am used to providing a lot of technical input to my team in SAP projects.Japan camp molds NT’s teamwork.

Thursday, 10 Aug Julius Manicad - Chief Correspondent - @JCManicad For them, talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. Related. AVC Championship Re-tooling the National Team pool. AVC Championship Mission’s not yet over for NT. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” –Michael Jordan.

Teamwork is the most important aspect of W M Law. Whether it’s your initial phone call, or your in-person consultation with an attorney, or your meeting with the trustee, or dealing with your creditors, you can feel confident knowing that we’ve handled over 18, bankruptcies and that our.

Teamwork Wins Championships The most balanced teams go the distance. And it takes a clear organizational philosophy and creative game plan to maximize production from any roster. Watch video · Almirola advances in NASCAR playoffs with Talladega win. Almirola advances in NASCAR playoffs with Talladega win.

Menu. Talladega and teamwork to play pivotal role in championship. Teamwork requires the empowerment of all key players, the investment in all key players. If each player is not putting in % boredom can set in, which may also mean that players that are bored may not be on the field during the championship game.

Teamwork wins championship

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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" --Michael Jordan