Society short of satisfaction from the expert of shah nana firdawsi

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Society short of satisfaction from the expert of shah nana firdawsi

Introduction[ edit ] Abdolhossein Teymourtash Sardar Moazam Khorasania distinguished and influential Iranian politician of the 20th century, was born in BojnordKhorasanto a prominent family, and received his formal education in Tsarist Russiaat the exclusive Imperial Nikolaev Military Academy in Saint Petersburg.

He spoke fluent PersianFrenchRussianand German. He also had a strong command of English and Turkish. Abdolhossein Teymourtash is considered one of the most significant personalities in modern Iranian political history.

Given his significant role in the transition of power from the Qajar to Pahlavi dynasties, he is identified closely with the Pahlavi for which he served as the first Minister of Court from to Nonetheless, Teymourtash's rise to prominence on the Iranian political scene predated the rise of Reza Shah to the throne inand his elevation to the second most powerful political position in the early Pahlavi era was preceded by a number of significant political appointments.

Apart from having been elected to serve as a Member of Parliament to the 2nd — ; 3rd — ; 4th — ; 5th — ; and 6th — Majles of IranTeymourtash served in the following capacities: As such, apart from his significant accomplishments as one of the masterminds of the early Pahlavi era where he devised a number of fundamental bureaucratic reforms and navigated his country's foreign relations, Teymourtash has been credited with playing a significant role in shaping the intellectual and cultural currents that transformed Iran in the first half of the 20th century.

Early years[ edit ] Teymourtash as a young cadet Abdolhossein Khan Teymourtash was born into a prominent family in To provide his son with the best educational opportunities available to affluent Iranians of the late 19th century, Teymourtash's father dispatched him at the age of 11 to Tsarist Russia to receive a formal education.

After enrolling for a year of preparatory school in Eshghabad in RussiaTeymourtash was sent to Saint Petersburg to pursue further studies.

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He was enrolled as a cavalry cadet at the venerated Imperial Nikolaev Military Academya preserve of the sons of the Russian aristocracy. The curriculum of the school was predominated mainly by military and administrative studies, but also allowed Teymourtash to adopt a fluent command of Russian, French and German, as well as familiarity with English.

Teymourtash's eleven-year stay in Russia also led him to develop a lifelong passion for Russian and French literature, leading him to be the first Iranian to translate into Persian the masterful Russian literary works of Lermontov and Turgenev upon his return to Iran.

Return to Iran[ edit ] Teymourtash visiting Europe to inform European Capitals of ascendancy of a new Shah in Persia Teymourtash visiting Europe as member of Persian Delegation informing European Capitals of the ascendancy of a new Shah Given his extensive absence from Iran, one of the first tasks Teymourtash set for himself upon returning to his native Iran was to retire to the seclusion of his family estates with the task of improving his Persian.

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With the help of a tutor, he spent approximately the first six months following his return to Iran to perfecting his native linguistic skills and devouring Persian poetry and literary masterpieces. His discipline and foresight during the period would serve him well, leading him, in due course, to be described as Iran's most gifted orator in its modern parliamentary experience.

Another fortuitous development during the early years of his return to Iran, was his marriage to Sorour ol Saltaneh, the niece of the regent, Azod al Molk[2] and a relative of the Governor of Khorasan, Nayer al Dowleh.

To congratulate the new couple on their wedding, the reigning Qajar Shah of the period bestowed the title Sardar Moazzam Khorasani on the young groom. Teymourtash's first employment upon returning to Iran was with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he served as a minor bureaucrat while acting as a Russian translator.

Constitutional revolution[ edit ] As Essad Beyan early chronicler of Teymourtash's life was to note in the s, "unlike other Iranians of aristocratic houses, young Teymourtash brought back from Europe more than just an affection for occidental garb and an inclination for Persian nightclubs.

Just as the last year of Teymourtash's stay in St. Petersburg coincided with the uprisings and revolts that would culminate in the Russian Revolution ofIran was soon to find itself in the convulsive throes of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution.

Despite his father's staunch royalist tendencies and his ties to the royal court, young Teymourtash became an active member of the constitutional society headed by Malik al-Mutakallimin in Khorasan.

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While the rank and file of this particular society consisted mainly of lesser tradesman and poorer people, and included amongst its active membership very few educated notables, Teymourtash demonstrated his progressive tendencies by developing a strong affinity for the constitutional ideals and thrust of this gathering and assumed a leading role in the group.

Teymourtash's active involvement in constitutional gatherings led, in due course, to his appointment as Chief of Staff of the populist constitutionalist forces resisting the reigning Monarch's decision to storm the buildings of Parliament. The constitutionalists forces eventually took sanctuary in Parliament to demand constitutionally entrenched rights and safeguards.

Throughout the period, Teymourtash remained directly involved by training members of the constitutionalist volunteer militia, and demonstrated much bravery when clashes took place with the better trained and more numerous royalist forces. Despite the staunch efforts of the constitutionalists, the royalist forces prevailed by storming Parliament and dissolving the National Assembly.Aug 01,  · This supplement has compiled the abstracts for presented papers, panel sessions, and lunchtime discussions from the 8th Annual Meeting on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health: Optimizing Personal and Population Health.

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Society short of satisfaction from the expert of shah nana firdawsi

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