Question of appearance

Charlton Comics[ edit ] Based in Hub City, Vic Sage made his mark as a highly outspoken and aggressive investigative journalist.

Question of appearance

Charlton Comics[ edit ] Based in Hub City, Vic Sage made his mark as a highly outspoken and aggressive investigative journalist. Not long after starting his TV appearances, he began to investigate Dr.

Mysterious Suspense 1 Oct. Cover art by Steve Ditko. Sage was approached by Aristotle Rodorhis former professor, currently a scientist. Rodor told Sage about an artificial skin he had co-developed with Question of appearance.

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Pseudoderm was intended to work as an applied skin-like bandage with the help of a bonding gas, but it had an unforeseen toxicity which was sometimes fatal when applied to open wounds. Rodor and Twain agreed to abandon the project and parted ways, but Professor Rodor discovered that Dr.

Twain had decided to proceed with an illegal sale of the invention to Third World nations, regardless of the risk to human health. Sage resolved to stop him but had no way of going after Dr.

Twain without exposing himself. Rodor suggested that Sage use a mask made of Pseudoderm to cover his famous features. Armed with information, and more importantly a disguise, Sage eventually caught up with Question of appearance. Twain, stopping the transaction and extracting a confession, then leaving Twain bound in Pseudoderm.

On television, Sage reported on Dr.

Question of appearance

The two men became good friends, with Sage affectionately referring to Rodor as "Tot". Compared to other superhero characters of the Silver Age of Comic BooksThe Question was more ruthless in his methods.

For example, when he was fighting some criminals in a sewer and knocked them into a deep and fast moving water flow, he declined to pull them out despite their real danger of drowning. Instead, he left to notify the police to retrieve them in case they survived the ordeal.

Introduced in Blue Beetle vol. The Banshee met his match when he reached Crown City and sparred with the Question on several occasions.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. In The Question 1, the Question was defeated in personal combat, first by the martial arts mercenary, Lady Shiva.

Lady Shiva then rescued him for reasons of her own and gave him directions to meet wheelchair-bound Richard Dragon as soon as he recovered enough to get out of bed. Once there, Sage learned both martial arts and eastern philosophy. When he returned to the city, he resumed his journalist and superhero careers with adventures that tended to illustrate various philosophic points.

He uses the identity of the Question to get the answers his civilian identity cannot. His interest in Myra extends beyond admiration, as the two shared a relationship before his near-death experience with Lady Shiva and his training under Richard Dragon.

Upon his return, he discovers she has married the corrupt drunkard and Mayor of Hub City, Wesley Fermin. At her victory speech, her husband Wesley shoots her for supporting what he believes to be Communist beliefs, putting her into a coma and sending Hub City further into chaos with no government and no police force.

Gang warfare in the weeks following the election leads Sage to Lady Shiva, first as a combatant, and then enlisting her help as an ally of sorts to get in a position to talk to the gang-leaders.

As Myra adjusts into her role as Mayor of Hub City, she and Sage begin to rekindle their relationship, though Myra tells Sage she will not act on her feelings until she leaves office.Tattoo questions Women questions Appearance questions Perception questions [5 answers] 2 up, 1 down.

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Question of appearance

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33 questions, 24 members. Ask questions and get answers from people sharing their experience with Appearance. When you are preparing for a job interview, your appearance should be a top priority.

Plan your outfit at least a day before your interview. If you need to make alterations to your suit, you will have time to make changes or even change your outfit completely. What is the first thing you notice about a person? What do the clothes someone wears say about that person?

Is there a part of your appearance that you are very proud of?

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