Hse consultant business plan

Having done it sometime ago, I could never go back to having a boss!

Hse consultant business plan

Exclusively Online So You Want to Be a Consultant The truth of the matter is, many companies hire consultants and end up wasting both their and the consultant's time.

This is costly time. If you are like me, you enjoy what you do, you believe in what you do, and you have invested the time to learn your trade well.

Why wouldn't you want to share all of that knowledge, life experience, and training with others and, hey, make a few bucks doing it. Just being a "consultant" has something of a charismatic sound to it, doesn't it?

After spending more than 30 years working with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, both in compliance and then later in the On Site Consultation sector, I retired and entered the private consulting arena.

I figured with my years of experience working with the agency so many employers fear -- and truly seek compliance based on that fear -- it would be a slam-dunk job opportunity. My years of field experience, my years of standards application and interpretation, my hundreds upon hundreds of investigations, my years of rubbing elbows with the agencies' shakers and movers in all of those long sessions on standard development, application, interpretation, program development, new direction, and required action training had to be worth something.

Even if I hadn't paid attention, by accident I had to learn a thing or two. Why the "Independent" title? I wanted to suggest my services were not associated with any other agency or any company that provides any other type of product.

Strictly independent, between me and my client. I can go on, but I'm sure those of you in the field can add a dozen or so. I did everything that had to be done. I incorporated, obtained the necessary insurance, had business cards and the fliers printed, set up the office area at home.

I was ready, willing, and able.

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The first year, right out of the chute, business was good, I must admit. Word got out I had retired, and many of my clients were individuals, employers, or employer representatives whom I had met during my time with the agency.

I thought, Maybe I should have done this years ago. My own boss, none of that time-consuming paper work to complete: I was enjoying my decision. I may be leading you into making that move sooner than you thought.

You have the experience, the training, the education, and so far, you haven't read anything negative. I knew and know my trade. I honestly believe that I can provide the correct and adequate response when it comes to questions of standard OSHA application, interpretation, means of abatement, and hazard recognition and can assist in litigation in the event of an issued citation.Do you wish to receive our period newsletters.

Please register with your email id below to receive school's Newsletters. HSE Consultant at Epigroup. Ubicación Perth y alrededores, Australia Sector it is an agency that has managed to develop and grow their clients business to very high levels.

Key responsibilities of the role: • Plan, develop and deliver tutorial lessons for undergraduate studentsTitle: HSE Consultant at Epigroup. HSE Consultant at Protec Engineering Limited.

hse consultant business plan

Location Nigeria Industry Public Safety. Current: - Draw up HSE plan for clients, ensuring that all regulatory requirements and standards are met. Business Developer at Revolution plus property Development company . Experienced with a demonstrated history of working as a Health and Safety Manager and HSE consultant.

Skilled in ISO , Industrial HSE (Seveso reports, Hazop and Atex studies), HSE Manager on site construction, Fire safety and Emergency Management, and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).Title: HSE Consultant / Construction HSE . Manage Health, Safety and Environmental issues to ensure guidelines & standards are adhered to and risks to the business are mitigated.

•Manage all HSE issues within the Directorate, ensuring compliance with HSE policy, standards and guild lines, in order to avoid, manage and mitigate business torosgazete.com: Senior HSE consultant at Vistra Srl.

Foreword 02 I have great pleasure in presenting HSE’s Business Plan for / It sets out the main actions which HSE will take to progress the strategy, The Health and Safety of Great Britain // Be part of the solution,1 launched in June It also.

Chubb Global Risk Advisors: Senior Consultant in California, California | EHSCareers